March 31, 2008

Why BookBath?

I wouldn't call myself a creative person so trying to think of a name for my blog was possibily the hardest part about starting this whole blogging experience for me (yes, maybe even harder than working out the technology that goes along with it!).

To get myself started I thought about the things that I love and am passionate about and travel, reading and writing automtically came to mind. I have not had a great deal of overseas travel experience (yet!) but the most amazing for me so far was our trip to Bath last year. The purpose behind the trip was to attend a conference for my work/study but the location certainly inspired me to attend the conference in the first place! I am also a huge Jane Austen fan and although I am aware that Bath wasn't always a positive living experience for her it is still a place I strongly connect with her life and her writing.

I was not disappointed by my experience of Bath - I found it magical (even with the tiny streets and the traffic).

So, there we have it - BookBath - a name that combines two of my favourite things and conjures up magical, inspiring thoughts.


Laura said...

I too am new to the blogging world, and I tried to come up with a really creative title for my blog. I decided that simple and to the point is probably best for me! I like how you mixed 2 of your passions to form your name--great idea!

Laxmi Karumbu said...

I like the name.I am huge Austen fan too and lucky you visited bath :)

Karen said...

Hi Laura - thanks! How is your blogging going? I'm trying to keep up but some people seem to post very regularly so I feel like I am falling behind a bit! Loving the experience though.

Hi Laxmi - I am very lucky to have visited Bath. Have you been? I am going to try and get back there next year - it was the most magical experience for an Austen fan.

Ramya said...

Bath is on my "places to visit" list for just one reason - Jane Austen!:)