October 14, 2009

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

Yep - I got sucked in by all the hype and bought (and actually read) this book. To be fair (to myself!) I am one of those people who really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code - while I don't think it was great literature by any stretch of the imagination I thought it was a great entertaining read. As I've mentioned before I am one of those readers who is pretty dense when it comes to guessing endings so The Da Vinci Code was a real treat for me - I never saw what was coming! Unfortunately I can't say the same for The Lost Symbol - I saw everything coming - and none of it was good! If I hadn't been on holidays while I was reading this book and in need of something VERY light to read I would have thrown this book out the nearest window - it really was that bad.

I read one of the reviews on Amazon where someone had written that they feel Dan Brown had written this book only with the future screenplay in mind - and I completely agree. The book did not read like a well constructed novel at all - it was clunky and descriptive - two of my pet hates in books. The characterisation, if you could even call it that, was basic and formulaic - not one person in the book was well rounded - I felt like I was watching a computer game being played out before my eyes.

I'm normally quite reserved when talking to other people about books I have not liked or enjoyed. I usually tell them the reasons I did not like it but they might see it differently. The Lost Symbol is another case altogether - I am openly telling my friends and family to not even bother reading this book - it is woefully terrible!!! Even though I paid good money (pounds none the less!) for this book I left it sitting on the table in a hotel room - maybe the person who picks it up next will enjoy it more than I did.


Unknown said...

I was almost sucked in, but I think I'll wait until I can get a copy from the library. I am sad to hear that it is predictable. I still want to read it though - just so I can talk about it! Thanks for the honest review.

Nadia said...

What a bummer! I had been hearing mixed reviews on this book. I'll still read it at some point, but I won't be expecting another Da Vinci Code. Thanks for the honest review!!

Steph said...

I definitely won't be reading this one, Karen! I have read The Da Vinci Code, and I admit to getting sucked into it even though the writing was really terrible. I think I have reached a place as a reader that I still want my fluffy reads to have good writing and be thoughtfully constructed - something this book definitely doesn't seem to have! It's a bummer it was so bad AND that you were reading it on holiday (I always hate when I have a bad book with me on a trip), BUT at least you were in these great cities where you could stock up on other great reads! ;)

Iliana said...

I haven't really heard many reviews about this one but not surprised. I thought the Da Vinci Code was ok. It was readable and it did suck me into the storyline. My problem with it was when it seemed like everyone was saying it was the best book ever! Then I got tired of it :)

I will probably pass on this one. Sorry you had to spend good money on it but hopefully the next person who picks up your book will enjoy it.

Kristy said...

I'm not surprised either. You just made me delurk because I have respect for anyone that just comes out and says exactly how a book makes them react, feel etc. Thank you for being genuine even though you may insight hateful responses by some. I appreciate it.

I think everyone has one good book in them and I think every band has one good album, etc. It's when you can repeat yourself that you garner respect from me. Not to say that I didn't like DaVinci Code. I did....years after it was no longer the fad.


Serena said...

I really enjoyed the Da Vinci Code as well, but I haven't bought into the hype of The Lost Symbol...I haven't bought the book...maybe I'll get it from the library

Kim said...

When I heard that Dan Brown was in a legal battle with the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, (a work of actual historical research first published in 1982 which sets out to prove that the holy grail was in fact Jesus' bloodline and that his family escaped to France after the crucifixion and have been protected by the Knights Templar and other secret organisations throughout the centuries so that his bloodline continues today) I immediately went out and bought The Da Vinci Code to find out what all the fuss was about. To my astonishment not only was the basis of the story remarkably similar to the research, but, the art pieces used in the story were also referenced by the researchers and yet there was no acknowledgement by Brown that he had even read this book. After that I lost all interest in his work.

It would be fascinating to see where the book you left behind ends up, Karen.

claire said...

LOL, Karen!! :D I really wanted to read DaVinci Code for the subject matter, but couldn't get past the first pages. (Couldn't stand the writing!) I resorted to nonfiction books that touched on it and had much better results.

Karen said...

Hi Jackie - I understand - I think I would have read this one no matter what I had heard about it before hand. I think waiting for a library copy is a great idea!

Hi Nadia - I think having realistic expectations will be a good idea! Look forward to hearing what you think.

Hi Steph - I certainly had a lot of other great book options - thankfully!!

Hi Iliana - I think that is a good idea!!

Hi Kristy - thank you for de-lurking - it is great to hear from you! I like your one great book etc... idea - I think that is probably true for Dan!

Hi Serena - I would definitely check it out at the library.

Hi Kim - that is really interesting! I might have to look that book up.

Hi Claire - If you couldn't stand the writing in The Da Vinci Code you should definitely stay away from this one!! It is truly painful!!

Anonymous said...

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