July 17, 2009

Buying A Piece Of Paris - Ellie Nielsen

I'm keeping up my reading of books that are helping to get me in the mood (not that I really need any extra assistance for that!) for our upcoming trip.

Buying A Piece Of Paris caught my eye with its cute cover but I'm afraid that was about the only thing I truly enjoyed about this book.

As the title of the book suggests, the Australian author is telling the story of her experience of buying an apartment in Paris with her husband and young son. I was prepared for some details of the practicalities and realities of this experience but I wasn't prepared for EVERY detail to be shared and gone over in such a painstaking way. I would have liked to have heard more about the background to the story - why was the author so intent on buying an apartment in Paris? Why did it mean so much to her? The author does touch on these things but not enough to make the book feel like it has any real substance or heart to it for me.

If you are planning on buying a place to live in Paris this book may be helpful in terms of hearing about another persons experience but for me just wanting to connect with the author and her story it really didn't do it for me unfortunately.


JoAnn said...

Sorry this was such a disappointment. Hope your next book will be better!

Karen said...

Hi JoAnn - So do I!!

Anonymous said...

That cover is really cute -- and the premise sounded so promising! I'm sorry you were disappointed, too, and I'm sure I would share your opinions... I need background information to actually feel what the author is feeling! I never seem to get enough. That's one of my qualms with a lot of non-fiction, I find. Frustrating!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Thanks for being honest! This one has looked interesting to me. I may have to try it, just to see. I loved Paris too!

Karen said...

Hi Meg - I am exactly the same - I love a good story but it needs to be well written and engaging too.

Hi Holly - definitely give it a go - I think it just didn't match the expectations I had for it.

S said...

I just finished this book and was interested in finding out what she's up to now. Is she still living in it? what does she doe for work? etc etc. Couldn't find any (recent) info about her but I found your blog :)

I agree. The book was an interesting insight into the world of Paris real estate but it was definitely lacking something. I didn't like how she makes herself out to be a bimbo/airhead when I don't think she is. She makes herself also seem very immature (when I assume she must be in her mid 30s at least).

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