April 06, 2008

Just Finished and Reading...

I have just finished "Change of Heart" the latest release from Jodi Picoult. I was a huge fan of Jodi's early books, "The Pact" was a particular fave and one of the first Jodi books I read and I remember absolutely devouring it before passing it on to friends. I must say that apart from "Nineteen Minutes" I have not been enjoying Jodi's latest books. I'm starting to feel like I am reading a formula rather than a story with characters that ring true. I felt like I should have been able to relate to some of the characters in "Change of Heart" - especially Maggie the unlucky in love, overweight lawyer, but I just felt like these characters were stereotypes or cardboard cutouts - and they ALL had redeeming qualities somewhere along the line that were meant (I think) to make us feel like everything balanced out nicely in the end. The ending itself was very disappointing - what do others think? Am I being too harsh/expecting too much?

A book I am just starting to get into at the moment is "La Vie Parisienne: Looking for Love and the Perfect Lingerie" By Janelle McCulloch I am a complete sucker for these sorts of books (as was the girl who sold it to me in my independent, local bookshop). So far beautiful writing and descriptions of Paris (a place I have only dreamt about but never visited - yet...) and an honest story about looking for the life that belongs to her - as opposed to the life she has been told she should aspire too (one of my favourite themes in life and literature!).

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