April 08, 2010

Award Time in Australia

It seems like everywhere you turn in the media these days there is a new literary award long list or short list being announced. I do like browsing these lists - they don't necessarily dictate my future reading selections but they often give me more choices to add to the TBR pile.
The short lists for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2010 have just been announced and the Christina Stead Prize for fiction short list is given here.
On the short list is (with the ones I have read in bold):

Summertime - J. M. Coetzee
Wanting - Richard Flanagan
The World Beneath - Cate Kennedy
88 Lines About 44 Women - Steven Lang
Ransom - David Malouf
Jasper Jones - Craig Silvey

The winner will be announced on May 17th and seeing as though there are only 4 books I will need to read to have read all of the short list I am thinking about doing it. Have any of you read any from this list and if so, would you recommend them?


Iliana said...

I love reading through awards lists too although I always seem to be so behind on reading the nominees.

I haven't read any of these but would probably put the Coetzee high on my list.

Unknown said...

I've read Summertime, but it was too clever for me. I have a copy of Jasper Jones and am looking forward to it. Good luck with your attempt to read the list!

Anonymous said...

Along with Ransom, I'd recommend The World Beneath- I thought it was sharp, moving and very funny and having loved Cate Kennedy's short stories was glad I enjoyed her novel so much.

I have Summertime, Wanting and Jasper Jones in the TBR pile, must read them soon!

Karen said...

Hi Iliana - I never seem to catch up either! I am yet to read any Coetzee but I am wondering if this is the best one to start with??

Hi Jackie - That's a thought I was having about Summertime! I'm thinking I would possibly feel the same way - I guess there is only one way to find out for sure.

Hi adevotedreader - I haven't read any of her work before but I am definitely interested in this one. I notice she will be speaking at the SWF too.

Tracey said...

I have read Jasper Jones, but didn't enjoy it as much as Craig Silvey's earlier novel, Rhubarb. Jasper Jones is still worth reading though.

Karen said...

Hi Tracey - Thanks for the info - I haven't read any of his books as yet.