July 01, 2012

Welcome to Paris in July!

Welcome everyone to the start of our Paris in July event for 2012! If you haven't already, head over to this post and add your name to the Mr Linky list for the event, and if you would like to know more about what Paris in July is all about, head over to this post. We try to make everything simple and easy for those wanting to get involved - no targets, no restrictions really - just bring your love of Paris and France and join in! Tamara has already got us started with a post about prize winning French literature which might give you some ideas if you are still looking for books to add to your lists.
I have been looking through my shelves trying to put a reading plan together for the month.
I am starting out with a re-read of one of my favourite novels ever, Chocolat by Joanne Harris and I then plan to move onto the other 2 books in the trilogy, The Lollipop Shoes and the newly released, Peaches For Monsieur le Cure.

I also have plenty of non-fiction books available to dip into during the month as well as a little Sartre in the form of The Age of Reason.

I'm thinking these will probably keep me going for the month but I'm sure I will get diverted when I start reading everyone elses posts...
I will try to do some more blogging in amongst my reading this week but I will definitely be back on Sunday to put up a wrap up post for the week and create a new Mr Linky for you to add your weekly posts to.
Happy Paris in July everyone!


Jeanie said...

Hooray -- Paris in July has begun! Thanks for hosting -- I'm looking forward to lots more fun posts like this one from lots of other bloggers! Stop by!

Virginia said...

How fun! I have a Paris photoblog, Paris THrough My Lens, and EVERYDAY is Paris day but I"d love to join your francophile group.

Thank you for hosting this.

JoAnn said...

I just started Le Road Trip yesterday... it's a lovely book!

Nadia said...

So excited for Paris in July! Looking forward to reading everyone's Parisian posts :)

Marg said...

I have the Eloisa James book and Chocolat as well!

Enjoy your Paris in July month.

Jo Tracey said...

I'm thinking I might try some of these!

Kelly said...

I see you have Paris in Love in your book stack ;) I just finished that one last week and really enjoyed it.

Mrs. Fry said...

Chocolat is one of my favorite books too. I love the whole part about the Catholic church and the chocolate and the shopkeeper, and the movie with Johnny Depp...... ooooooo laaaaaa!

What is Paris in Love? A fiction or non-fiction?

ds said...

I loved Chocolat. Had no idea there were sequels. Thanks so much for doing this again. It is such fun!

Caroline said...

I've already published my first post
Crime set in Paris.

Outdoor Blinds Melbourne said...

Nice place to visit.

Louise said...

I'm hoping to get through Paris in Love, and A Family in Paris this month too. And some others depending on time. I've got some photo posts ready to go, and will hopefully get to watch a movie or two. Not to mention the hours and hours I'll sit here watching the Tour de France. So much to look forward to.

Arti said...

I've just posted a review of The Hundred-Foot Journey, which reminds me of Chocolat. So I'll just go onto Joanne Harris next then, thanks for the prompt here (I've only seen the film). And I didn't know that Chocolat is the first of a trilogy. Also, I'm glad you've some non-fiction. I await your review of Sartre.

Also, I found my URL on Mr. Linky is in error, wonder if you could change it to my home page address since I can't do any editing on Mr. Linky. Here it is to Ripple Effects home page http://rippleeffects.wordpress.com Thanks for hosting this wonderful event!

Lilbitbrit said...

Just love Paris, now I can relive my trips. One as a teenager and the other with my, at the time 14 year old son.

Paris in July, I'm in.

Lil Bit Brit

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Hi Karen! I just joined the Paris in July link (found you through Jeanie). I have a daily Paris photoblog so I am all about Paris, posting a view of Paris with an address and story every day.

I'm looking forward to visiting the participants who also love Paris.


Lisa said...

The Lollipop Shoes really threw me because I was pretty sure that I had read the sequel to Chocolat. The book I read was The Girl With No Shadow which appears to be exactly the same book as The Lollipop Shoes - very strange!

Karen said...

Hi Jeanie - you are welcome - looking forward to reading your posts!

Hi Virginia - I can't wait to look at your photoblog - I never get sick of seeing beautiful Paris photos!

Hi JoAnn - I can't wait to dive into it too - I've already had a quick flick and it looks gorgeous.

Hi Nadia - so glad you are joining us!

Hi Marg - Chocolat is one of my favourite novels - I still remember reading it for the first time and the joy it gave me.

Hi Jo - I hope you do!

Hi Kelly - Yes, I have had Paris in Love for quite a while now but have been saving it especially for this month...

Hi Brenda - Paris in Love is non-fiction, an account of one woman's year spent living in Paris with her family.

Hi ds - Yes, two sequels now!

Hi Caroline - fantastic! Be sure to add your links to the Mr Linky wrap up post for week 1

Hi Louise - I know Tamara will be with you on the Tour!

Hi Arti - thanks so much for joining in! You can just add your home page to Mr Linky again with the correct address if you like? We aren't too fussy about these things!

Hi Christy - I hope you are going to share your memories with us?? I love hearing about other peoples trips to Paris!

Hi Genie - so glad that you are joining us this year!

Hi Lisa - yes, they are the same book. I have to say I am struggling with it at the moment - it is just so different to Chocolat...

Marcus said...

Karen, I added my name to the linky list back in June. When I post, how does anyone know when I've posted?

Is there a list of posts somewhere so I can find others posts within the blogfest?

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