July 09, 2013

Paris in July Week 1

Hello fellow Paris travellers! How has week one in France been for you?
I have to say my mind has been swaying all over the place this week and I can't seem to nail myself down to just one book or piece of music or art - I just keep jumping from one to another! But more about that in a separate post...
I will add a Mr Linky below so you can add the links for your Week 1 posts - so looking forward to travelling around to see what everyone has been up to.

July 03, 2013

Settling into Paris...

I have to admit that Paris in July has sort of hit me from out of the blue this year! I mean, I knew it was coming up and Tamara and I have spent time talking about how we would like to run the event this year but I think time in general just feels like it is moving too fast for me at the moment!
So, I was a little caught off guard on Monday when it came time to choose a Paris themed book to dive into. Luckily my shelves are well stocked...

I have started reading My Life in France by Julia Child and although I am only a little way into it I am loving her enthusiasm for all things French, particularly the food, and am enjoying being taken into another place and time with her memories of her time in Paris post WW2.

A trip to the library this afternoon also enabled me to pick up another book that I have been wanting to read for a long time - Tete-a-Tete: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre by Hazel Rowley. I fear this may be a little heavy going but I am so intrigued by both of these amazing people that I want to give it a go.

How about everyone else - what is helping take you to Paris this week?