December 05, 2008

The Fairy Godmother Meme

I saw this meme over at Charlotte's Web and it was first developed by Aphra Behn - looks like a fun thing to think about given the gift giving and receiving season is about to be upon us!

What good gift did your Fairy Godmother actually give you?
I would have to say persistence - I tend to keep going and going until I get what I want (or what I need).
What good gift do you wish she’d given you instead?
I'd like to hold on to the persistence but I wish I also had a little patience.
What bad gift did the wicked Fairy give you?
The gift of procrastination - I have this one in droves so I feel like some others are probably missing out - I've taken their allocation!
What bad gift do you wish she’d given you?
Selfishness - or at the very least the ability to say no more often.
And finally: if you could have one magical item, what would it be?
Definitely a magic wand!


Anonymous said...

It's fun to see this meme taking off, and fascinating to see what people do with it.

I'm impressed that you can sustain persistence in the face of impatience. The bad gifts we want are the interesting ones, and that's the one I fluffed so it's interesting to find out what other people do with it.

I'm glad you thought it worth doing the meme, I did enjoy reading your response.

Laura said...

Persistence is definitely a great gift to have! You definitely did not take my allocation of procrastination--I have a big problem with it as well!

Karen said...

Hi Aphra Behn - thanks so much for putting together this meme. I always like doing things like this - it always makes me think about things in my life that I wouldn't ordinarily pay attention to.
Hi Laura - It's nice to know there are plenty of other procrastinators out there!