December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

We had a lovely Christmas day and everyone was extremely spoilt! I actually didn't receive all that many bookish presents apart from the new Anita Shreve book, Testimony, from my parents.

My favourite present came from my boy - a gorgeous Royal Albert collectable tea cup and saucer set (I collect tea cups and love having tea parties and pretending I live in the early 1900's!).

Hope everyone's day was peaceful and happy.


Eva said...

I love teacups-I'm totally going to start collecting them when I live on my own! :) That one's gorgeous-Happy Christmas!

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good Christmas! I collect tea cups as well, and I love your new one! :)

Bonnie said...

Karen, What a beautiful tea cup set!! I collect tea cups as well and will have to keep that in mind to suggest my hubby buy for me next Christmas!! I'll have to see if the link that you posted ships to the US. What is your favorite set and tea??? Tea parties sound like fun!!

Tamara said...

Karen, How lucky you are - tea cups, weekends away for tea party's, book buying expeditions, and of course - you're truly exceptional boy! Lovely to hear you had a happy Christmas and such a special birthday celebration earlier. Wishing you a fabulous New Years also.

Karen said...

Eva - I think starting to collect tea cups is a great hobby - although it can start to become a little consuming!
Laura - I'm loving hearing how so many other book bloggers also collect tea cups - do you think there is a connection between the two hobbies?
Red lady-Bonnie - I don't think I can name a favourite, although my new set would probably be up there at the moment.
Tamara - definitely a lovely Christmas - hope it was the same for you!