February 24, 2009

All Things M

Mari from MariReads has given me the letter "M" for the 10 things I love meme (thanks Mari!). So, 10 things I love starting with the letter M:

1. Melbourne - one of my all time favourite cities. Beautiful walks and city streets and lane ways, wonderful shopping and food and fantastic bookshops - what more could you want?

2. Margaret Atwood- one of the first "serious" authors I started reading for pleasure rather than study. Her stories have continued to impress and entertain and I always look forward to her new work.

3. Mykonos - I visited this island for the first time a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I don't think I have ever seen water so blue and beautiful.

4. Manolos - Ok, so I don't actually own a pair - but that doesn't mean I can't love from afar!

5. Marshmallows - light, fluffy, pink and supposedly fat free - what's not to love?!

6. Missy Higgins - fantastic Australian singer and song writer - beautiful lyrics and an original voice - does a great live show too.

7. Monica (character from Friends) - Ahh Monica - her obsessive cleanliness, competitive nature and attention to detail endeared her to me from the start! Some would say I resemble her just a little - but I don't know what they're talking about!

8. Mango - a fruit I wasn't always a big fan off but a couple of years ago my taste buds must have changed because I absolutely love them now.

9. Magazines - I guess you could say I love magazines (addicted to might be another way of putting it!). I love to browse them all, fashion, design, home, travel, current events. My current favourite would have to be the English mag Red - I like to read it and pretend I actually am living in the UK.

10. Margarita's - especially in the summer!

If you would like to play along leave me a comment with your contact details and I will send you a letter.


Mari said...

A great list! Aww, Manolos...I wish I had a pair as well. :)

Eva said...

I love mangos and margaritas too! Especially when you put them together. ;)

Karen said...

Hi Mari - I know, it is a great dream - not sure that it will ever happen for me but at least I can dream!

Hi Eva - I haven't thought of putting those two together before - great idea!

Ana S. said...

I grew to love Mango too...how I can't understand how I ever didn't like it.

I want to go to Mykinos! Greece is on my must visit list.

nutmeg said...

Glad to read about another magazine fanatic! I have to limit my purchase of them and I really only buy them to look at the pictures anyway ;-)

Karen said...

Hi Nymeth - you definitely must go to Greece - an amazing experience.

Hi Nutmeg - I'm very similar in only looking through the pictures in magazines! I always end up thinking what a waste of money that was!

Tamara said...

Love your M list - Mangoes, Magaritas, Melbourne, Mykonos & Manoulas. What a nice way to celebrate some memorable moments.