March 26, 2009

Gone With The Wind - Reading Notes Part 2

I am falling a little behind in the Gone With The Wind Read Along being run by Matt - we are supposed to be up to the end of chapter 50 by the end of this week and I have only just finished chapter 25 - I'll have to see how much catching up I can do over the weekend I think.

I am still really enjoying the read but as I have mentioned in previous posts I think my problem at the moment is that I am going through a bit of a reading slump - so it's taking me just a little longer to get through this book than I thought.

The section of the book from chapters 10 - 25 sees Scarlett staying in Atlanta - quite oblivious to the impact of the war to begin with - until she is forced to nurse in the local hospital and sees first hand the devastation the war is bringing to her friends and countrymen.

The relationship with Rhett continues to develop as he is able to bring Scarlett the pretty clothes and accessories, that the war has made so scarce, through his blockading escapades. I like reading through this section as Scarlett starts to get a bit of an inkling that Rhett might be a man she could see herself with (even if it is only as a form of escape) but it frustrates me that she stays so dedicated to the thoughts of love she has for Ashley!

I am a true Scarlett fan - I can definitely see her spoilt, brattish and selfish nature but I just keep reminding myself that she is basically a 19 year old girl - stuck in a situation where her whole world and sense of self is being destroyed - I think I'd be more than a little selfish in the same situation!
The end of this section becomes even darker as the broader impact of the war is brought home to Scarlett in a very personal way after she travels home to Tara and sees the devastation it has met with. I always hate reading this part and seeing it in the movie too but I do love the declaration Scarlett makes about never going hungry again.


claire said...

Glad you're still enjoying it, Karen. Don't feel pressed to finish at the same time as Matt or others. Matt says he wants us to enjoy the ride. :D I'm trying to finish it all by the end of the month, though, so that I have some time for another read along, Proust's Swann's Way, when April starts.

It's interesting that you love the entire character of Scarlett. She bothers me so, although I admit she makes the story what it is. If not for her being that way, there will be no story at all, everything will fall flat. But maybe in real life I wouldn't want to cross paths with her.. She's scheming! Lol.

As usual, I'll be linking to your post. :D

Karen said...

Hi Claire - I'm trying not to feel the pressure!!
I do love Scarlett - I actually connect with her a little bit (please don't hate me!!).

Anonymous said...

Karen, I don't think I am going to be finished by the end of the month either. I have about 250 pages left, and I have not had as much time to dedicate to reading as usual! I agree with Claire, just enjoy the ride. The nest section is the most absorbing, or at least it was for me. All the work Scarlett does for Tara...

She is scheming and selfish, but I understand her motivations and her impatience, and I respect her struggles. I took a tour of the Margaret Mitchell house yesterday, and it sounds like Scarlett is very close to Margaret herself in many ways.

Karen said...

Hi eveningreader - I would love to be able to take a tour of Margaret Mitchell's house - that would be wonderful! I have read something before about Scarlett being a little bit autobiographical.

Unknown said...

I'm behind in reading GWTW too. I think I've got to roughly the same point as you. I'm going to try and make a big effort to read more of it this week. I'm really enjoying it. I love Scarlett too!

I really enjoy reading your blog, so I've given you an award:

Karen said...

Hi farmlane books - I have put GWTW aside for the moment - I am still loving it - just too many other books catching my attention! Thank you so much for my award!