June 10, 2012

Paris in July 2012 - Mr Linky Now Available!

Hi to all the Paris in July 2012 bloggers out there!
We are trying to modernise our event a little bit this year and jump into using Mr Linky - which a lot of you suggested would be a good idea in the post event feedback last year.
Now, please be patient as anything technical to do with blogging is usually a little beyond me (although you would think having a computer programmer as a partner would make things a little easier!).
I am going to start a Paris in July 2012 Mr Linky below - could everyone who has already said they would like to join please add their names/blogs to the list and anyone from now on in who would like to join us please add your names also.
Please let me know if you have any problems with this and I will do my best to fix things!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing that. Did you know that all year long you can link your French posts to my “I love France” meme, it’s every Thursday! here is my latest post where you can link whatever French post you want: http://wordsandpeace.com/2012/06/14/i-love-france-22-pere-lachaise-cemetery/

Arti said...

This is my first time joining albeit I've heard about this famous summer event before. I'll be posting book and movie reviews. Thanks for hosting again. Looking forward to this fun event!

Singspiel said...

I've just come across this via 'Beauty is a Sleeping Cat': the event sounds like a great idea, and I would love to participate. I'd like to post about French vocal music with symbolist texts - probably the song-cycle La Chanson d'Eve (1908-1915) by Faure, or other late 19th/early 20th century melodie. Er - what do I do and how does it all work?

Kaggsy said...

Added my link which I hope works - will post as soon as I have finished reading! Thanks for hosting!

Sara said...

Got my post up faster than I thought. It's on Mr. Linky! Thanks so much.

Jeanie said...

I'm not waiting until July! I'm starting now!

Pam said...

Again .... oops. I seem to have put my name on Mr Linky twice and the first one doesn't work. Now I can't get rid of it. Sorry :-)

Karen said...

Hi wordsandpeace - thank so much for this information!

Hi Arti - so glad you have decided to join us this year - looking forward to reading your reviews.

Hi Singspiel - so glad that you heard about our event and would like to join in. Just add your name to the Mr Linky link at the bottom of this post - do you have a blog??

Hi Kaggsy - glad you are joining us!

Hi Sara C - great! You are working a lot faster than me - can't believe it is almost the start of July!

Hi Jeanie - Fair enough too!!

Hi Pam - no worries - I am far from being a Mr Linky expert and we are not that worried about all of that technical stuff here at Paris in July - as long as you can join in and have fun with it!

Belle said...

I hope this comment signs me up with Mr. Linky even though I have no idea what he does! This is my first year blogging and I am so looking forward to spending July in Paris. I already have a book and a cooking event planned. C'est bon!

ds said...

So looking forward to this. Have one definite book, and a couple of other ideas. Thanks to you and Tamara for doing the hard work of hosting yet again.

Ellie said...

I'd like to let everyone know I'll be giving away a copy of Breaking Away by Anna Gavalda to celebrate. Entry will be open all month, you don't have to follow me and you get an extra entry for being part of Paris in July:


maryom said...

I've had a couple of ideas - some book related, some cookery. I've added myself through My Linky twice to link to different blogs, my (shared)review blog and my homecrafts blog. Hope that makes sense.

Emily at Gallic Books said...

Excited to take part in Paris in July! We'll be doing a couple of book related blogs and hopefully some film and cookery ones too.

If anyone taking part would like a review copy of any Gallic Book, just let me know @gallicbooks.

Happy reading tout le monde!

Virginia said...

I hope it's ok for me to jump in even though mine is not a book blog!

Les said...

I found my way here via Bellezza's blog and am very excited to be partaking in this challenge! Thanks for hosting!

Arti said...

Hi Karen,

When I clicked on Mr. Linky, I found I've put down the wrong URL address... it leads to an unrelated post instead of my home page. I've just posted my first Paris in July entry. Could you please help me change my URL on Mr. Linky to this link which goes to my home page on Ripple Effects? Thanks!

Karen said...

Hi Belle - you will need to click on the Mr Linky at the end of my post and then add your name and blog address there - no worries if you don't though, we aren't too strict about these sorts of things!!

Hi ds - thank you so much!

Hi Ellie - thanks so much for this! Sounds like a great give away.

Hi maryom - it makes perfect sense!!

Hi Emily - thanks for the info!

Hi Virginia - of course that is ok - glad to have you with us!

Hi Les, you are very welcome - glad to have you join us!

Hi Arti - I'll do my best!!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I've posted my first Paris in July 2012 story and linked my blog via MrLinky. Looking forward to the next few weeks of fun. Thank you!

Karen K. said...

In honor of Paris and July and Bastille Day, I'm giving away a Zola novel on my blog:


Anonymous said...

I've abandoned my original plan of a Colette and have instead read some classic Maigret - review here:


Anonymous said...

And now another lovely book about Paris by Julian Green - oddly enough, called Paris!


Unknown said...

Just posted my effort on Véronique Olmi's 'Bord de Mer' - AKA Peirene Press' 'Beside the Sea' :)

Anonymous said...

Just linked my latest post and my recap for July in Paris - a total of 9 posts.
And may I remember everyone that I have a weekly meme on Thurs called I love Paris, with exactly the same purpose as July in Paris. So I guess you could call it Thursday in Paris. here is the latest post to add your links: http://wordsandpeace.com/2012/07/31/i-love-france-25-french-wines-and-vineyards/
There's an icon in the right bar, sending you always to the latest post where you can link your own posts.
Hope to see you there, until July in Paris comes again