April 14, 2008

Finding Style

I had a new book purchase arrive today (always an exciting event). This book is a little different, a non-fiction "self help" sort of book called Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design I first read about this book and the concept a few months ago in a magazine and it caught my interest. The idea being that through a series of self exploration and questioning you can find two words that help define your life, who you are and where you are heading.

I often use exercises similar to this with my clients in counselling - not necessarily around issues of style of course but definitely in relation to life direction, purpose and goals. I'm interested in any concept that explores this area of personal development and the idea of "knowing yourself" and setting a course for your life - I love that control!!

The book looks beautiful and I think I will add it to the "going on holiday" pile for Thursday.

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Classic Lustre said...

Glad you found us! Best of luck in finding your Style Statement. It's an empowering process. Let us know how it turns out for you.

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