February 20, 2009

Love Over Scotland - Alexander McCall Smith

I realise this blog is fast becoming a homage to all things Alexander McCall Smith - I promise I am reading books by other authors! I am just loving this author so much right now that I am sticking to a good thing.

Love Over Scotland is the third book in the 44 Scotland Street series - a continuation of the lives and loves of the characters introduced and discovered in the first two books.

I can see that the author is starting to dig deeper in some areas - I'm not sure if he ever envisaged writing this many books in the series but it still feels like he has plenty of emotional baggage to work with in terms of the characters and their relationships.

I have to say that my favourite character by far is 6 year old Bertie - I am so hanging out for him to do something ghastly to his bloody awful mother, Irene (something that she will duly deserve if you ask me!). The chapters which take place in Bertie's school with his classmates involvement are hilarious - especially when they start to discuss a school production of "The Sound of Music". As much as I love Bertie there are characters I am not especially fond of - particularly annoying and whiny Pat - I know she's only 20 and I should give her a break but I just want to yell at her most of the time!

But I guess this is what is keeping me reading - whether I love them or can't stand them - I want to know what will end up happening to them all!


Anonymous said...

You're tempting me to re-read these! Bertie's my favourite as well, and you'll be pleased to hear he does rebel a bit as the series progresses.

Karen said...

Hi adevotedreader - that's great to hear! I was starting to get a little frustrated with him (even though he is only 6!!!).

Anonymous said...

The only thing is, I can imagine Bertie growing up, marrying Olive and finding he's just like his dad!

Karen said...

Hi adevotedreader - I don't think I could handle that if that's what happened!!