June 13, 2009

Lucia, Lucia - Adriana Trigiani

I am on a bit of a roll with this author! After reading and loving her latest book, Very Valentine, I went out searching for her earlier books. Don't you just love it when you discover a new great author and they have plenty of books waiting for you to pick up??

I went straight for a book from her collection that is again set in Italy and New York (how could I resist?), is again set in an area of the fashion world (a New York department store) and is set in the time of the 1950's - a favourite era of mine for fiction and movies.

Lucia, Lucia is the story of Italian American girl Lucia Sartori - the youngest child and only girl in a big family. Lucia is rare for her day and age in that she has a career as a seamstress in a New York department store and she is keen to hold on to this no matter what - marriage is not such a high priority for her, until she meets the charming John Talbot. Things start to go a little topsy turvy from here.

Trigiani's writing is not perfect - there are some forced metaphors in places and the plot devices can feel a little controlled at times - but I really didn't care. I was hooked into Lucia's story and I wanted to see where things went in her life. I have also loved the endings in both of her books that I have read so far - a little bit of romance and completion but the endings have felt "real" and possible in a non -Hollywood, happily ever after way.

I will try and move on from Trigiani books now but have loved reading these two!


Kim said...

I love it when I find a new author, too, especially when I think of the prospect of all those good books lying in wait. There is something quite delicious about that feeling, I'm with you entirely on that, Karen. I also get a little anxious at the same time as I hope the next read of the new author does not disappoint.
It seems to me you have made a good discovery here, Trigiani is now on my list too, thank you. I have not come across her work before but from your reviews it seems like something I would enjoy. Can't wait for my next book shopping trip.
Speaking of book shopping, weren't you supposed to be on a book shopping diet? ;)

Karen said...

Hi Kim - you're right - there is a lot of pressure on that follow up book. I'm happy to say that Trigiani came through with flying colours! You are also right about my book shopping diet - but my focus has been on cutting down - not cutting out altogether. I just know I wouldn't have the will power for that!

Cath said...

I remember hearing Trigiani on NPR a few years ago and falling in love with her. Even if I don't always love her writing, I remember how charming she was, and that gets me over a few bad analogies.



Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This one looks interesting. I'm not familiar with this author. Someone new to check out!

Karen said...

Hi Connie - it does make a difference when you can connect with the author or they seem like a nice person doesn't it? I'm not sure why - but it does matter!

Hi Holly - I would definitely check her out if you haven't already.