November 07, 2010


My beautiful roses from last weekend have succumbed to nature - but I did manage to make use of their gorgeous petals before they said goodbye.
The weather has once again been toying with us this weekend - Saturday was wet and miserable but today spring made an appearance again.
I took the opportunity of having to be inside on Saturday to start reading my new copy of Madame Bovary. Unfortunately it did not arrive in time for me to join in with Frances's read along but I am enjoying my reading of it now just the same. I totally agree with what JoAnn posted recently about the importance of translation - I have read Madame Bovary before but I do not remember it being this fluid and emotional - I am so caught up in the writing and the story this time around.
My fluffy boy has even been tempted to dive in...


kimbofo said...

What pretty pictures!

I'm not a fan of cats, but your bundle of fluff is gorgeous. ;-)

JoAnn said...

What a beautiful picture! Glad you're enjoying the beauty of this new translation, too. Hard to believe it's even the same book... I was very bored/disinterested in the old version. Thanks for linking to my post.

Unknown said...

Best keep an eye on your cat. ;=)

Carol said...

Lovely photos

enjoy the book!


Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Oh, what fabulous pictures -- yes, you did make good use of the petals! And the fluffy one is definitely adorable -- he does look like he has a plan working though, no? :)

ds said...

Gorgeous petals, gorgeous kitty, gorgeous book! Enjoy!

Buried In Print said...

Lovely photos and your Fluffy Boy is handsome indeed. Hope you continue to enjoy your re-read; it was my first time with Madame Bovary and I'm already wondering how different it would be to experience the story as a re-read.

Frances said...

What a wonderful use for those last rose petals! Sorry that it did not arrive in time, but think that you will enjoy it much all the same. Happy reading!

Karen said...

Hi kimbofo - He is pretty cute! His behaviour is often more like that of a dog than a cat so I'm often left wondering exactly what animal I have!!

Hi JoAnn - I totally agree - I am completely absorbed in the book this time around.

Hi C.B - He always needs an eye or two kept on him!

Hi Dizzy - Thanks!

Hi Coffee - I'm sure he always has some sort of a plan working!!

Hi ds - thank you!

Hi Buried In Print - I have been thinking the same thing about a re-read - I get so greedy when I am reading a book I love - already thinking about consuming it again!

Hi Frances - I am definitely enjoying it - it is such a gorgeous book inside and out.