June 28, 2008

Writing and Reading

I have been away at a writing retreat this week. Not quite as fun as it might sound at first. It was actually a writing retreat for work so the type of writing we were concentrating on was academic writing. Still, it did make me think about writing in general and how I would like to start really picking it up again.

I've also been starting a few different books - not actually finishing any but hope to rectify that before the weekend is over!

I have started The Year of Magical Thinking By Joan Didion. I haven't read any of Didion's work before but have been drawn to this one because of it's focus on grief - the author wrote the book following the sudden death of her husband and daughter.

This book has been turned into a one woman play currently playing in Australia - I would love to go and see it but haven't been able to arrange it as yet - and I did want to finish the book before seeing the play.

The other book I have started is called Stanley and Sophie by Kate Jennings. I am not really a dog person but I was driven to buy this book after hearing the author speak on the ABC Radio National Book Show about writing this book following the death of her husband and 9/11 in New York.

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