October 11, 2008

Holly Would Dream - Karen Quinn

As I have written about before my week of planned holidays was turned upside down and inside out by job interviews and applications etc... Can't be helped but it has been disappointing.

However, my boy and I did manage to get away to Sydney for a couple of days and indulge in some eating, drinking, sight-seeing and book buying! This trip at least made me feel like I had been able to have some sort of a break before work starts in earnest again tomorrow.

In the holiday spirit one of the books I purchased made me dream of venturing further than Sydney for a much needed break. Holly Would Dream by Karen Quinn grabbed my attention with it's cover depicting a very Audrey Hepburn like character and a back cover description talking about:

The sparkling Mediterranean and the eternal city of Rome as the backdrop, this romantic fashion caper starring the calamity-prone Holly is filled with intrigue, comedy and plot twists galore.

Sounds like my perfect holiday ending read! And it turned out to be pretty close to this. I finished reading the book in less than a day and feel immensely satisfied.

Holly Would Dream focuses on the character of Holly Ross, an extremely likeable, if frustrating at times, fashion historian working for a museum in New York. Of course when the novel begins Holly is in a bit of a mess, a complete loser for a fiance, a mega-witch for a boss and a promised career promotion going to someone else. In the vein of an Audrey Hepburn movie the heroine does work things out in the end - via a luxury cruise around Turkey, Greece and finally Italy (why don't all of my disasters involve solutions like this??!!).

I really loved this book, yes it was predicatable but it was cute and sweet - if you love Audrey Hepburn movies such as Roman Holiday and Sabrina I'm pretty sure you would enjoy this book as well.

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