November 15, 2008

Case Histories - Kate Atkinson

Case Histories by Kate Atkinson is my second book completed for the New Classics Challenge and my first Kate Atkinson book read. I am really enjoying the New Classics Challenge because it is getting me to read books I have seen before and thought about adding to my "to be read" pile but for some reason or another they have just never quite made it into the actually being read pile.

Case Histories is a book about a series of seemingly unconnected stories, or cases, that are eventually connected in one way or another through the common link of a Police Detective turned Private Investigator, Jackson Brodie. I really don't know how to talk more about the plot without giving too much away except to say that the book is fantastic, one of those can't put down until you finish types. The separate stories are all told in such a way that you feel immediately connected to the people in them - you want to know how things turn out for these people and how Brodie can sort out his own life as well as those of his clients.

Definitely a classic story (or collection of stories) from my perspective.


Mari said...

Sounds good. I have read one book by Kate Atkinson before and remember enjoying it. Will have to find a copy of this one.

Sarah said...

The follow up Jackson Brodie books, One good turn and When will there be good news? are as good if not better than Case Histories. I envy you the pleasure of reading them for the first time!

Karen said...

Hi Mari and Sarah - thanks for your comments. I have just reserved One Good Turn at my library so hopefully I will be able to read it soon. I know what you mean about reading a brilliant book for the first time!

nutmeg said...

Hi Karen. I apologise for my tardiness in thanking you for the blogging award you gave me the other day! I have been away from blogging for about three weeks - life just rushed up and overtook me - but I am back to it now. It was nice to know another blogger was thinking of me while I was away!

It has also been great to catch up on your recent posts. I am intrigued by the Tana French - I have heard very good things about her (am assuming its a her!) and her books are turning up on "Best Books" lists at the moment. I used to be addicted to psychological thrillers but haven't been near one for many years now - I think having kids may have affected my reading habits. Anyway, I think I will pick this one up.

Also, I read the Kate Atkinson you mention in this post a couple of years ago but my memory of it is unclear which is a shame as I would like to read parts 2 and 3. I am thinking I will have to reread this one.

joanna said...

I've never read anything by her and am intrigued now... :-)
Glad you're enjoying the challenge!

Karen said...

Hi Nutmeg - great to hear from you again! I completely understand about the feeling of life taking over - I think that is starting to happen a bit for me at the moment.
Yes, Tana French is a "she" - great writer in my opinion and would definitely recommend checking out her books.
Hi Joanna - Definitely loving this challenge!

Danielle said...

I really enjoyed this when I read it a few years back. I've got the next two books waiting for me--just need to squeeze the next one in.

Karen said...

Hi Danielle - I know all about squeezing books in!