August 03, 2008

Reading Spaces

We had one of our bookclub gatherings yesterday and one of my friends was asking me about my favourite space/place to read. She was saying she just wasn't able to get comfortable and read in bed and she really liked to read outside in her backyard in the sun - but given the winter weather we are currently having in New South Wales that isn't really an option at the moment.

I do like to read in bed but I also like to sleep in bed so I find that unless I am VERY alert I tend to nod off and the reading falls by the wayside. I do have a comfy reading area set up in our lounge room with a cosy chair, reading table and lamp. Will post photos of this another day. I have been inspired by an Australian woman who has set up a business designing special spaces for people based on their particular work/hobby/inspirational needs. The website is and I have borrowed the image in this post from there - this looks like a lovely reading space to me.

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