June 15, 2008

Human Smoke - Nicholson Baker

Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War 2, The End of Civilization by Nicholson Baker is my second completed book for the Non Fiction Five Challenge. Staying in a very similar topic area to my first book for this challenge, Destined To Live, i.e. the second world war (a similarity I only just noticed).

Human Smoke was an addictive book for me. Written in short snippets and paragraphs the author depicts many different events and viewpoints leading up to, and including the first couple of years, of the second world war. Each short entry is referenced at the back of the book leading to the books credibility for me. I am very interested in this period of our history and I first picked up the book hoping to learn more about what had occured over this period. After finishing the book I think I can say I know a little more - but I also have many more questions and wonderings which I think will lead me to read further in this area.

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