November 19, 2008

Weekend Away

We are having a much longed for weekend away in the vineyards this weekend to celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday. I'm sure some reading will also get done amongst the drinking and tasting!

Despite what I said in my earlier posts I just couldn't resist the new Wally Lamb book and I have now almost finished The Hour I First Believed. I will post my review of this one after the weekend but can I just say before then - totally amazing reading experience, one of the most powerful reads ever for me. I hope the ending doesn't let me down!!

Now I need to think about a book (or two) to take away for the weekend... I am thinking of taking One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson, just picked it up at the library this week after loving Case Histories and hearing several of you recommend this one. Or I could take along Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes, another library find which will be a different read for me I think.

Happy weekend reading everyone!

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