November 08, 2008

Weekend Reading

I will admit to watching quite a bit of trashy TV this weekend but in amongst all of that brain drain I have been doing some reading as well.

Looking back on my reading choice for this weekend I think I might have a valid reason for watching endless re-runs of "Will and Grace" and "Sex and The City". I have been reading In The Woods by Tana French - a psychological thriller of the highest order! I hadn't heard of this book or author before reading about it in the blogging world but it seemed to be getting a lot of praise so I picked it up from my library last week. I have not been disappointed. The writing is tight and yet quite lyrical for this genre of novel (at least to my recollection). I used to read this type of book a lot in my teenage years but as an adult I have tended to steer away from them - I think my area of work has had a lot to do with this decision. In The Woods is actually quite confronting to me at the moment as I am about to begin work in a forensic mortuary/medicine service in a little over a months time - but I just can't stop reading this book - it's just too good!

So, I have obviously needed the trashy TV as a little light relief - good to keep a bit of balance in one's life I think!


Mari said...

Sounds like something I will have to read.

Andi said...

I've seen so many good things about this book, and I keep forgetting to look for it at my library. My 'brary is a small city affair, and it's woefully understocked. I'm so bad at doing Interlibrary Loans, too! I might have to make an exception for this one, though!

Amanda said...

I've read this one and loved it too. I've heard that The Likeness is even better. Yay! My husband's reading In the Woods now and is procrastinating running errands to "wait until the end of the chapter". I think that was three chapters ago :)

Karen said...

Hi Mari - I would definitely recommend it, but I would probably wait until you don't have a lot of other stuff on or you might get distracted!
Hi Andi, I'm actually quite surprised by how well stocked my library is - I had stayed away from so long thinking it wouldn't be that good so I'm glad I've found it now.
Hi Amanda, I completely understand where your husband is coming from - I might need to get my partner to hide the book somewhere today so it doesn't distract me from my work! I'm looking forward to reading The Likeness when I finish this one.