November 01, 2008

Weekend Reading

I have been in a real reading mood this weekend - unfortunately life and other plans haven't really enabled that mood to be satisfied!

I must admit that we did have pay TV installed on Friday afternoon so that has probably eaten into a little more of my time than is healthy - oh well, I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon! I can't blame it all on the TV though - I've had a few family commitments this weekend which although necessary and important have taken me away from a new book I have become really interested in.

I started reading Small Island By Andrea Levy on Friday and I am really hooked. This is one of my books for Trish's Classics Challenge and I put it on my list mainly because I had heard it was one of those books that should be considered a classic and "should" be read. I don't usually follow the "shoulds" but I can definitely see where this one came from. Fantastic writing, great characterisation and deep issues being dealt with - looking forward to getting back to it...


Anonymous said...

I daren't get pay tv, I can waste hours as it is just staring at random tv rubbish - if i had actual decent programmes to watch there's no telling what would happen! ;)

Karen said...

Hi Readsallnight - I think that is probably going to happen to me. I will have to use self-discipline!