March 13, 2009

Writers Who Have Influenced Me - Meme

I saw this meme over at So Many Books and it looks like it has been doing the rounds of the blogging world so I thought I would join in.

Name 25 writers who have influenced you. These are not necessarily your favorite writers or those you most admire, but writers who have influenced you. Then you tag 25 people.
Like others I’m not actually going to tag 25 people but I would love to read lists from all of you if you would like to join in too.

My 25 influential writers are:

1. Enid Blyton
2. Ruth Park
3. Thurley Fowler
4, Eleanor Spence
5. Louisa May Alcott
6. L. M. Montgomery
7. Judy Blume
8. Kate Grenville
9. Helen Garner
10. Jhumpa Lahiri
11. Toni Morrison
12. Margaret Atwood
13. Margaret Drabble
14. Jane Austen
15. Charlotte Bronte
16. Anne Lamott
17. Maggie O'Farrell
18. Marian Keyes
19. Germaine Greer
20. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
21. Carol Shields
22. Judith Wright
23. Anne Morrow Lindberg
24. Alice Sebold
25. Jane Austen (yes, I know this is on the list twice and is kind of cheating but that's just how much influence she has in my life!)

I realise now looking over the list that all of the writers I have chosen are women - I really did not mean this to happen but I think it does say something about how much I admire and seek out women writers. Sorry guys!!


Stefanie said...

Excellent list! And I think it is perfectly fine that Austen is on it twice!

Karen said...

Thanks Stefanie - I'm glad you support my decision!

megan said...

Great idea! You've inspired me to compile my own list.

There's lots of writers on your list that are on my list, too. Like Maggie O'Farrell - I would love to write books like hers. Esther Freud is very similar to her - you'd like her, I think!

Karen said...

Hi Megan - I completely agree, I would love to be able to write like Maggie O'Farrell! Thanks for the recommendation - I will look out for Esther Freud books.