August 17, 2008

Dreaming of Florence

Last night I started the gorgeous book I had bought in Melbourne a few weeks ago, The Piazzas Of Florence by Lisa McGarry. I was looking for a non-fiction book to browse through while I really concentrated on the Olympics - I soon forgot about the Olympics.

I have a fascination and love of all things Italy - even though I have not been there as yet I have this feeling I will love it when I eventually make it there.

This book is simply stunning, inside and and out. The author (an American woman now living in Florence with her young daughter) talks about her favourite piazzas of Florence and accompanies her rich descriptions with beautiful hand drawn maps of the areas.

In one of the maps the author refers to the stationary and paper shop Il Papiro which I also adore. We are lucky enough to have two of these shops in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) and I spoilt myself when I was last in Melbourne purchasing two hand made journals.

Oh to be in Florence right now!


Danielle said...

I saw this mentioned somewhere else and want a copy. Unfortunately it hasn't been published in the US, so I may be trawling around some internet sites looking for a copy!

Karen said...

Hi Danielle - that is a pain! I'm used to not being able to access books being in Australia. I know this book has been published by quite a small Australian publishing company so let me know if you would like me to help you find it.

Mari said...

I wish I'd had this before going (for the first time) this summer.
You must get yourself to Italy. It is wonderful!

Karen said...

Thanks Mari - I'm planning it! Hopefully not too far away!