August 22, 2008

No Angel - Penny Vincenzi

No Angel was just what I was looking for in my reading this week - pure soap opera joy! Is this book brilliant literary fiction? Well, no - but it is an addictive enjoyable read - a story and characters you can lose yourself in and not worry too much about the literary merit of what you are consuming.

No Angel is the first book in The Spoils of Time trilogy focussing on the English publishing family - the Lytton's, and all of their associates, lovers, connections, friends and foes.

The central character is Lady Celia Lytton - quite a selfish, self-absorbed woman but she gets the job done! This first book is set in the period from 1904 until the early 1920's, including the time of WW1. This is the reason I was drawn to reading this book in the first place. I would not normally have been attracted to Penny Vincenzi's books but Danielle at A Work in Progress suggested No Angel as a good read for those interested in books set around the WW1 period so I have to say thank you to her for leading me in this direction.

I will definitely be looking out for the 2nd and 3rd books in this series.

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