August 15, 2008

My Weekend Plans

My weekend plans are consisting of not very much - and I'm liking it that way! I have put a "no work" ban on myself - not even checking emails or thinking about lesson plans - and I'm planning to catch up on some reading.

I really want to finish Twilight this weekend - I've been having some discussions with my partner and a close friend about the reasons why this book is annoying me so much and yet I am still reading it! I think I've finally worked it out. I'll write more on this when I have fnished the book.

I would also like to finish Wuthering Heights but I'm being drawn into the world of No Angel at the moment so I'm not sure which one is going to win out here...

Will have to wait and see.


jess said...

Would love to hear about your thoughts on Twilight. I found it annoying too- very obvious writing and plot lines. Also it has such a passive wet-blanket of a heroine who is continually being saved by the frankly stalkerish Edward. But the kids seem to love it!

Karen said...

I completely agree Jess! I'll be adding my post on Twilight today.