August 19, 2008

Tea for One

I think I am becoming a little fanatical about my tea drinking! I used to be quite happy dunking a tea bag into a mug and drinking away - things have changed.

I'm now starting to develop a bit of a ritual for my afternoon/evening reading and tea drinking - so much so that if I can't do it the way I want to things just don't feel quite right. Lucky I'm a mental health professional or I might start to worry about myself!

My ritual now involves a fresh pot of tea - teabags just aren't working for me anymore - and exactly the right type of tea for my mood. I discovered a gorgeous tea shop chain when I was in Melbourne - T2 make the most beautiful blend which is my current addiction, Evening Tea. Thankfully they also have stores in Sydney and they do mail out so I should be right there. I also enjoy purchasing from The Tea Centre which has a store in my local area which helps.

I'm also loving my china cups and am on the lookout for the perfect tea set. My friend Tamara has a beautiful collection of tea pots which helps to inspire my passion.

I really do belong in the world of Bath, High Teas and Jane Austen!

Image at top of post from Plumo


Danielle said...

Lovely tea set! I'm not a coffee or tea person, but I love the idea of evening or afternoon tea! It sounds very relaxing.

Karen said...

Hi Danielle - definitely relaxing! I'm not a coffee person at all but I'm definitely a tea girl!

Stephanie said...

I'm jealous! I've tried tea every single way it's possible to be made (flavored, unflavored, different brands, with sugar, without, with lemon, milk, cream, etc. etc. etc.), and it all just tastes like leaves to me. LOL It sounds delicious and warm and relaxing, and I'd love to be able to brew myself a mug of tea and curl up with a great book, but all it does is make me gag. :(