January 21, 2009

High Heels Getting Me Through the Year...

I've picked up a couple of books so far this year that I will be dipping in and out of as the year progresses. One of these is A Year in High Heels By Camilla Morton. I admit I was really only drawn to this book for its title - I LOVE wearing high heels (might have something to do with my short stature!) and my new job actually doesn't offer me many opportunities to wear them (too much walking up and down many corridors all day long) so I thought I needed something to fill the gap in my life.

A Year In High Heels is really a fashion, lifestyle kind of advice book - not sure that that is actually the best way to describe it or not as I have only read the first chapter so far. The book is divided into the 12 months of the year with each month covering a different topic. January was all about renewal, detox and diary writing (including blogging). The "Muse of the Month" was Jane Austen so that made me happy.

Not sure this book is going to re-define my life in any major way but I think it will be a fun read to dip into now and then throughout the year.

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