May 17, 2010

More New Books

I have begun to have a regular work appointment every month quite close by one of my favourite bookshops - how convenient!

So, of course I headed there a little early this afternoon and came home with these (from top to bottom);

The Past And Other Lies - Maggie Joel - I read Joel's latest book, The Second-Last Woman in England earlier this year and I quite enjoyed it so I thought I would give her first book a go.

The Lessons - Naomi Alderman - I can't remember where I read a review/synopsis of this one but it sounded great - and another beautiful cover too hard to resist!


verity said...

*envious* I am desperate to read The lessons, especially as it is set in oxford where I live, but the library STILL doesn't have its copy!

Astrid (Mrs.B) said...

I don't know where I read the synopsis of the Lessons either but it sounded interesting. Can't wait for your review.

Jules said...

I really enjoy the covers, sometimes I buy a book only for the cover without reading the synopsis!!

Iliana said...

oh no, I see a lot of new books in your future :)

I used to work near a bookshop several years ago and it was great. I'd leave my office during lunch, avoid all the corporate dull lunches and just hang out with books.

Enjoy the new books!

Karen said...

Hi Verity - I must admit I was drawn to the setting of Oxford as well - except for the reason that it is a place I would like to live!

Hi Mrs B - I hope the books lives up to what we have heard about it!

Hi Jules - I'm glad I am not the only one who does that! I used to think books were all about what is inside them but I think they can also be about how they look etc...

Hi Iliana - It is so tempting isn't it??!!

Vintage Reading said...

I really like the sound of the Lesson. One to add to the tbr list.