May 20, 2010

A Writers' Festival Weekend

My partner and I are heading to Sydney tomorrow for the Sydney Writers' Festival - an event I really look forward to each year.

Some of the events I am planning to see/hear are:

Event 145 - My Brilliant Debut - Authors Kirsten Tranter, Steven Amsterdam and Patrick Allington all speaking about their first publishing deals.

Event 159 - Yiyun Li - I have not read anything by this author as yet but her first novel, The Vagrants, sounds amazing.

Event 173 - No Country For Young Women - The description of this event from the SWF site:

Can a young female writer thrive in our newly retro Mad Men world? Young Australian authors Kirsten Tranter, Emily Maguire and Karen Hitchcock will discuss.

Event 188 - The Big Reading A group of authors including Natasha Solomons and Susan Wyndham read from their work.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend and sharing it with you all when I get back.


Elise said...

Have a fantastic time!! I look forward to reading about it when you return :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun...enjoy!

Nadia said...

Sounds brilliant! Have a wonderful time!

Tamara said...

Really looking forward to hearing all about the sessions you went to, and what you learnt, and if it inspires you on your writing journey! Any new authors to follow?

Karen said...

Hi Elise - I'm sure I will have lots to share!

Hi Softdrink - It usually is a lot of fun.

Hi Nadia - I will!

Hi T - I'm sure there will be lots of new authors to check out...