May 12, 2010

Persephone Reading Week Comes To An End...

Well, officially Persephone Reading Week - so wonderfully hosted by Verity and Claire - has come to an end but I am still pushing on with my sole Persephone book for the week, The Shuttle.

I was really looking forward to the week - and I had been saving my long savoured copy of The Shuttle for so long so I jumped in with much excitement. But then I got a bit bogged in the story - the writing is wonderful and descriptive (something that would normally annoy me) but I am finding that the content of the story line is quite confronting and depressing - not something I am excited about jumping back into!

I have reached the half way mark in the book now and I sense a change is coming (I hope a change is coming!) so hopefully I will be able to push on and finish it soon.


Astrid (Mrs.B) said...

Oh, it does get better so do persevere. I remember almost giving up in the first few pages alone when there seemed to be so much information about ships shuttling back and forth. I found that part quite tedious.

Hannah Stoneham said...

I look forward to reading about it and maybe reading the actual book one day.
thanks for sharing

Paperback Reader said...

Oh no :s You see, I never jumped out of it -as addicted as I was- and was completely immersed, which may be why our experiences of it are so far so very different.

Karen said...

Hi Mrs B - I actually really enjoyed the beginning part!! I will persevere though!

Hi Hannah - I will hopefully finish it soon so that I can put a review up to tempt you.

Hi Claire - that is what I have heard so many people say and I think I was just expecting I would feel the same way!