July 18, 2010

Paris In July - Week 2 Review

We are now half way through our Paris In July journey and I am starting to panic about how much I want to cram into the rest of the month and so little time in which to cram! Maybe I will just have to linger in Paris through August...

Some of the amazing posts we have had this week include;

- Amy continues re-living her journey through Paris

- Anni shares a beautiful art work

- Audrey reviews a French movie that I really want to see!

- Brenda went dancing

- Buried in Print has been reading aplenty

- Chat Noir shared some French memories

- Electra shared some information about Napoleon

- Frances was living the sweet life in Paris...

- Joan shared a beautiful quote

- JoAnn makes Zola sound very much like an author to try

- Marie shows us just how many great French books there are in the world

- Mel u shares more Zola impressions

- Mrs B made me salivate!

- Sabrina gave us a recommendation for French reading

- Sara reflected on a writer's darker experience of Paris

- Tamara became a fashionista!

- Tea reviewed a novel of a famous and wonderful French artist

I have been so amazed by the wonderful variety in the type of activities people are engaging in to celebrate Paris in July - keep it coming!

Now, for the weekly winner - it is (randomly drawn) Sabrina!! Congratulations Sabrina! When you get a chance could you please leave your email address in the comments section of this post so that I can send you your prize.

Happy Paris In July everyone - 2 more weeks to go!


Tamara said...

Wow,Karen - half way through???? This has been another amazing week - thanks for this review, which once again demonstrates just how many different ways we can celebrate Paris. Congratulatioms Sabrina!

Sabrina said...

That's awesome. Thank you so much. I just love Paris in July!

My mail address: loehni.bri[@]web.de
Of course without braces.

Frances said...

Thanks for the great round up post. Going now to check the things I missed. And congrats to Sabrina whose very name reminds me that I can go watch both the old and new versions of the film Sabrina, the Paris obsessed bloomer.

Anonymous said...

Paris in July is such a great event! So much interesting French stuff :)

Karen said...

Hi T - I know!! We will have to do this again me thinks...

Hi Sabrina - You are very welcome! I will email you very soon.

Hi Frances - It is a gorgeous and so appropriate name isn't it?

Hi Rachel - so glad you are enjoying it!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Karen! My first post for Paris in July is up at The Marmelade Gypsy. http://themarmeladegypsy.blogspot.com

There is also a Paris post at http://chopsticksandstring.blogspot.com

This is fun!

Karen said...

Hi Jeanie - thanks for letting us know about your post - glad to hear you are enjoying it!!