July 01, 2010

Welcome To Paris In July

On behalf of my co-host Tamara and myself I would like to welcome everyone to our "Paris In July". We are really looking forward to a month of exploring anything and everything French through our blogs and connecting with others who share our passion.
It is never too late to join in so please read our initial Paris in July post here if you are interested in learning more. Tamara will be writing the first wrap up post for the month on the 10th July so please drop by to either myself or Tamara before then and let us know if you have posted about your Paris In July participation so that we can include you in the draw for the prize for that week.
In preparation for the month I have been reflecting on my very first trip to Paris last September and looking over the photos we took there. As anyone would be I was excited about the visit but unlike many others I did not have a burning desire to visit the city - I had always felt more of a passion and an interest in Italy and its cities. But the drive into Paris from the airport changed my mind in some ways - I'm still desperate to visit Italy but Paris just blew me away. The streets, the architecture and the history in particular captured my interest and my imagination - I didn't want to leave! Since returning from our trip I have sought out literature about Paris - wanting to learn more about the city - in particular it's history and development. I'm going to use this month as a way of exploring that further. Looking forward to sharing with and learning from you all!


Bellezza said...

Love your new header! Love the theme! I've asked my mother to write her impressions of Paris in a guest post, as we often went when I was young...that's up today. But, I've already read two French novels I can't wait to share. This is just wonderful. Already! Bon voyage!!!

Nadia said...

I'm excited about Paris in July and am happy that today kicks off our journey! Should be a fun month full of interesting posts - thanks!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

I'm packed and ready to go. Reading That Mad Ache by Francoise Sagan and loving it. Thank you for organising this.

JoAnn said...

I'm ready to go! Just posted my plans for the month and a kick off quote today. I love your new header photo!

Paperback Reader said...

I've posted my first review of French Milk by Lucy Knisley: http://www.paperback-reader.co.uk/2010/07/01/french-milk-by-lucy-knisley/

Ah, if only I was in Paris this July!

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

I'm really looking forward to this month and am eagerly planing what to read.

The photos are gorgeous and make me desperate not just to read about Paris but to go back and visit again!

claire said...

Looking forward to it. I haven't stated my intent to join before but realized I actually have a copy of Therese Raquin so I'm in! :)

Audrey said...

Gorgeous photos! This is a wonderful event you've put together. Looking forward to participating!

Sabrina said...

Hey all! I just wrote a post for Paris in July on all my favorite bookish places and bakeries in Paris. Hope you'll like it. Check it out on:


Frances said...

So much fun! I went food themed for day one and pointed people to David Lebovitz's great foodie blog. Am finally reading his memoir, The Sweet Life in Paris.

Love your photos today!

Iliana said...

Happy July! I love the second picture.

I've started my Paris in July challenge by picking up a mystery set in Paris. So far there's lots of talk about chocolate croissants and cafes. Gotta love that!

Nadia said...

Hi, I just posted something for the Paris in July challenge. Here's the link:


I can't wait to check out everyone else's posts!

Electra said...

Wow, I really LOVE this second picture! I can hardly wait to visit Paris with you!

Karen said...

Hi Bellezza - So glad you are enjoying Paris In July already! Can't wait to read your reviews of the novels.

Hi Nadia - It should be great shouldn't it?? I'm really looking forward to reading about how everyone celebrates.

Hi Joan - I've just unpacked from my other trip but am definitely ready to travel to Paris now!

Hi Joann - Thanks! I have to send a big thank you to my partner for my new header photo - he is very clever!

Hi Claire - I totally agree with you - it would be so wonderful to actually be there right now!

Hi Claire - they made me wish to be back there too when I was going through them last night - ahh the memories!

Hi Claire - that is fantastic - so glad you are going to be joining us!

Hi Audrey - so glad you are joining us!

Hi Sabrina - I just read your post and am loving it - it makes me realise just how many times I am going to have to go back to Paris to see everything I want to see!

Hi Frances - Sounds like a delightful way to start Paris In July - I'm hungry already!!

Hi Iliana - I am really looking forward to hearing about what yoa are reading - I think Paris would be the perfect setting for a mystery novel.

Hi Nadia - thanks for the link!

Hi Electra - I have to once again give credit to my partner for the photo!

Mrs. Fry said...

Thanks for thinking of this.

Karen said...

Hi Brenda - no worries at all!

Marg said...

My first Paris in July post is all about food memories!


Rebecca said...

This sounds wonderful! I am a bit of a francophile so I may have to join in with this! My partner is French so we visit France often (mostly Paris) and it is one of my favourite places! I love Italy too though, so maybe someone in the blogosphere will host an Italy challenge at some point too!

Carolyn said...

I'm getting into some French history again (mostly Marie Antoinette and her oldest daughter who lived through the Revolution) so this is great timing. Here's my first post: http://afewofmyfavouritebooks.wordpress.com/2010/07/03/paris-in-july/

Karen said...

Hi Marg - I think food is going to be a very big theme of this month!!

Hi Rebecca - I hope you can join in with us for this month! I totally agree with you about the Italy theme too!

Hi Carolyn - I am very interested in Marie Antionette too and am thinking about reading one of my favourite books about her for this month.

Marg said...

I have linked to my next entry for Paris in July - a three way conversation about For the King by Catherine Delors.