May 03, 2010

Persephone Reading Week

A big thank you to Claire and Verity for co-hosting the Persephone Reading Week which kicks off today.

I have been looking forward to this reading week for a while now - to be exact since very early this year when my copy of The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett arrived in the mail from Persephone Books. How good (and restrained!) have I been by putting that book aside until now??

I'm not sure that time will allow me to read any more Persephone Books than this one but I will be happy if I can just spend the week enjoying this book and joining in all of the Persephone fun that Claire and Verity have planned.


verity said...

I am impressed by your restrain Karen! I enjoyed reading that earlier in the year, and it's a fat one so should keep you going for a bit

Elise said...

I think 'Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day' is a Persephone book, it is gorgeous if you have time for one more!!!

Paperback Reader said...

The Shuttle is such a wonderfully engaging and addictive read and I admire your restraint also! I have been hoarding To Bed With Grand Music for the occasion.

JoAnn said...

I've been looking forward to the week, too! Doreen by Barbara Noble is what I'll be reading... wish I had time for more than one, but I know it won't happen.

Nadia said...

Sounds like you are going to enjoy Persephone Reading Week - that book title alone has me curious. I'm looking forward to your review of it. I have two Persephone books waiting to be read - so one of these days I need to join in on Persephone Reading Week. Have fun with The Shuttle!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are good. I haven't read The Shuttle but I have heard great things and I hope you will enjoy lingering in its pages.

Frances said...

Ooo, I have that one too and can't wait to get to it but need shorter first. But had to buy The Shuttle after Simon of Savidge Reads recommended it so enthusiastically. Happy reading!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Along with you I'm only getting round to reading one book this week. Really looking forward to reading everyone's reviews and discovering new blogs too.

Iliana said...

Oh that is some serious restraint! :)

I'm going to join in too. Just decided on reading Mariana by Monica Dickens and will be posting soon. Looking forward to hearing more about your book.

Karen said...

Hi Verity - I was impressed too!! Not exactly sure how I lasted!

Hi Elise - I read Miss P last year and absolutely loved it! I really love the movie version too although it is very different to the book in some ways.

Hi Claire - To Bed is another Persephone book I am lusting after. I am sure I will read many reviews of it this week!

Hi JoAnn - I am being realistic with my reading goals for this week too! I will be more than happy with myself if I get through the one.

Hi Nadia - I think you should definitely join in. I missed out on it last week so I was determined to jump in this year.

Hi Fleur - I've heard so many great things about it too - can't wait!

Hi Frances - Simon's review was what got me interested in it too!

Hi Joan - lovely to hear from you. I am sure I will "meet" you more during this week.

Hi Iliana - you have just mentioned another Persephone book I am longing to read! Looking forward to your review.

Tamara said...

Hi Karen, I look forward to hearing how your reading week has gone. Did you get more that one P book read? I didn't know anything about this challenge but have enjoyed flicking through all the blog sites of those who have joined in. thanks again for opening my world to books.