January 18, 2009

Blog Improvement Project - Week 1: Setting Goals

I'm a little late for Week 1 of the Blog Improvement Project but better late than never I guess! I'm wondering if my lateness is actually related to my aversion to setting goals - the need to be specific and measurable not one of my finer points!

Having said that - I am going to give the goal setting in relation to my blog a go. The outline for this weeks post involves:

Set some goals for your blog. Think about where you would like to be a year from now, and try to set clear and specific objectives that you’ll be able to measure in some way once we get to the end of 2009.
Write a post about your goals. If you can think of any, also include ideas about projects or activities that you think could help you achieve those goals.

So, my goals for BookBath (and consequently my reading and writing) are:

1. To complete and post about all of the challenges I decide to participate in which start in 2009(this might sound simple but I noticed last year I got very excited about joining challenges but then my participation levels dropped off a little as I over committed myself).

2. To write one post a week specifically about my writing activities. My heading does say that the blog is about reading and writing experiences but I have done very little posting about writing since starting my blog so I would like to change that.

3. Find and read (and make a comment on) at least one new book blog a week and add it to my blog roll. One of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging in the first place was to connect with others who shared a similar passion. I think I have been building up a really good blogging network but I would love to extend and expand on that.

So, nothing too adventurous but hopefully these are goals I can work towards and achieve by the end of 2009.


Laura said...

You have made some great goals for yourself this year. Good luck! :)

Karen said...

Hi Laura - Thanks! I might need the luck!

Tamara said...

Karen, I admire your blogging goals and I am going to commit to reminding you about your goal to blog about writing - I'm keen to see you do more because you are good at it. As you, and others may have guessed, I only dabble in blogging,but I do use blogs like yours to link to others - because I like your collection of links and trust your choices. SO again I like your goal to add more to your blog roll. Go for it.

Karen said...

Hi Tamara - it will be good to have you keeping me on track!