January 25, 2009

Writing and Other Bits of Creativity

My friend Tamara at Thyme for Tea has very kindly reminded me that one of my blogging goals for this year is to to write one post a week about writing - mine and others - as opposed to only writing posts directly related to my reading.

When I first started BookBath I had every intention of using the blog space to write about writing as well as reading - but for some reason that hasn't really happened. I think that is probably consistent with my own writing practice at the moment - writing was once something I was continually doing - now it is really only something I do for work or academic purposes (not really as much fun!).

Back in my high school days I kept a journal, I wrote letters to my best friend every night and gave them to her the next day at school, I had pen friends from all around the world who I kept in regular contact with, and I also remember writing a series of short stories involving my friends and our antics (I can only imagine what they would sound like if I read them now!).

Even when I got to Uni I was still hanging in there for a while - letter writing, keeping my journal (in an ad hoc manner) and keeping note books and scrapbooks full of ideas for stories. I even completed a creative writing course as part of my BA - now that I think back this may have been the beginning of the end for my writing! My competitive nature came to the fore and I struggled with not being "the best" at writing - instead of just enjoying what I had for myself.

This year I have made a decision to go back to my writing and one of the steps I am taking to pursue this is to take part in an 8 week online writing mentoring program starting in mid February - I am excited about this but also a little nervous. As a way of starting to get my mind into gear I have been digging up some of my old writing pieces - I have even discovered a VERY descriptive piece I wrote as a 16 year old school student so long ago! Very cringe worthy and bloody awful writing but kinda sweet at the same time.

I have also discovered some very basic pencil drawings I have done in the long ago past (see above)- as childish as they appear they do help to remind me that I can create - when I put my mind to it.


Tamara said...

Beautiful! My dear friend you write a beautiful reflection. And the drawing is far from childish. It's a powerful image reflecting your inquiry into human nature. I often wonder what prevents us from writing, especially when we love it so much. I look forward to watching how the online course plays out for you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making the commitment to give your personal writing and creativity prominence in your life! I feel very similar about my own writing. After spending all day writing in a very strict and cold 'Government' style, I find it very difficult to step outside that realm and write something in a more personal style, without thinking it clunky and dull. I look forward to reading about your progress.

Iliana said...

Ah, this is wonderful! I hope you enjoy your upcoming course and hope you'll keep us posted or maybe share some of your writings :)

and, I love the sketch. I wish I could draw.

Karen said...

Hi Tamara - thank you for your support and encouragement. xox

Hi antipodeanowl - I can relate to what you are saying about work and personal writing styles. I write case notes and memos all day long and it kind of leaves my brain empty and uninspired for other types of writing. Will need to work on that!

Hi Iliana - thank you so much for your positive comments. I hope I will have enough confidance to share some of my writing in the blog world.

Laura said...

The drawing makes me think of "The Lady of Shalott" :) I'm looking forward to you sharing your writing and your writing experience. I've always wanted to write, but I've never been a very good creative writer. I really admire those who do write!

Karen said...

Hi Laura - I think I remember copying the drawing from the front cover of the book "Scarlett" - the sequel to Gone With The Wind! I still haven't managed to get stuck into any writing unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

The course sounds like a really good idea. (And that drawing is lovely.)

Karen said...

Hi bloglily - many thanks! The writing course starts in a couple of weeks so we will see how it goes.