January 13, 2009

The World Citizen Challenge - 2009

Eva is hosting another great challenge this year - The World Citizen Challenge:

Welcome to the home of the World Citizenship Challenge, hosted by Eva! This is a reading challenge that invites participants to get to know the world better and become true world citizens. Not only will we be reading lots of interesting books, but we’ll be discussing them as well. Anyone can join, even those without the time to read a full book. The only real requirements are an interest in the world and willingness to discuss it with others!

The goal of reading to find out more about the world we live in has always been an interest for me but I have found myself becoming a little lazy in my reading in this genre - sticking to areas of the world and issues that I already know a reasonable amount about. For this reason I really hope I can use this challenge to stretch my reading further.

I'm going to join the challenge at the Minor Level - I would like to go a bit further if I can but I don't want to over commit myself just yet:

The Minor Level You’ve taken a couple classes in World Citizenship and decide to go ahead and get the minor. After all, you’ll learn more stuff and you can still have a practical major! For this level, you need to commit to three books, from at least two different categories.

I haven't decided on my reading list/books for the challenge as yet. Eva has some great possibilities on the challenge site but I would welcome any other suggestions people may have. I really like to focus my reading on the humanistic side of the world - people's stories etc... and I am also really interested in reading something about the situation in the middle east or Gaza. Any ideas??


Eva said...

Not a book, but I just watched a great documentary called Promises that looks at Jerusalem and the West Bank situation by talking to kids from all kinds of backgrounds. I'm currently in the middle of a book about Jaffa (now part of Tel Aviv), so with any luck I'll be able to review that soon. :)

roxanestoner said...

A favorite author of the "World" of mine is Peter Menzel. He has written few great books about the condition of families around the world. "Material World" looks into houses of people and interviewed them about what they own. "Hungry Planet" looks into the diet of people and interviewed them about their traditional recipes and how much it cost to feed themselves...etc. Just very informative books and filled with wonderful pictures. That sounds like a great challenge. Thank you.

Karen said...

Hi Eva - I think I have seen the documentary you are talking about - I really enjoyed it which is one of the reasons why I would like to read more about this area. Looking forwward to reading your review.

Hi Roxane - thanks for these great suggestions!