January 12, 2009

Library Loot This Week

Eva at A Striped Armchair has come up with a great idea - Library Loot - a way to keep a track of what we are picking up from the library each week.

Since the new year I have been busily placing holds on books in my local library - the savings plan is in place again so I am trying to hold back on buying as many books as I can - therefore the library is becoming my new best friend! I have to admit there are still some books that I just want to have for my own, or that my library doesn't hold - but for all the others it will be borrowing, borrowing and more borrowing.

This afternoon I picked up the following:

Addition - Toni Jordan - an Australian book that came out last year and that I have been meaning to read for a while. I've heard lots of good things about this one.

Tales From Outer Surburbia - Shaun Tan - another Australian release that I am keen to read. Shaun Tan produces amazing books.

Three Junes - Julia Glass - I am currently reading another book by this author (The Whole World Over) and I am loving her style and prose so I thought I would pick this one up as it is supposed to be even better.


Eva said...

I put myself on hold for the Tales From Outer Suburbia! I'd like to read more Australian authors, so the Toni Jordon book sounds interesting too. :)

Karen said...

Hi Eva - there are a lot of great Australian books and authors out there! Have you read any of Tim Winton's novels?

Anonymous said...

I've got the Toni Jordan in my TBR pile, it sounds like an enjoyable chick liit style read. I've been meaning to try Shaun Tan as well, despite my fear of graphic novels.

Karen said...

Hi adevoted reader - I've brought the Toni Jordan book along to work today - thought it might be a good lunch time read. Shaun Tan's books are just beautiful - I love The Red Tree.

Anonymous said...

Addition is a fun read, I really enjoyed it :)

We've just recently moved house and I've not even signed up at the library here yet, must get that done on Saturday!

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you don't mind if I link to you so I can find you easily? Just yell at me if you do.

Karen said...

Hi ReadsAllNight - I am really enjoying Addition so far - am loving the character Grace. Thanks for returning the visit to my blog! I don't mind if you link to me at all.

Marg said...

I loved The Arrival by Shaun Tan, and mean to read Tales from Outer Suburbia eventually.

maggie moran said...

Yes, the best way to save money for us book lovers is the library. I'm excited about sharing my loot as it is usually thematic. ;D

Karen said...

Hi Marg - I haven't started this one as yet but just flicking through it looks gorgeous.

Hi Maggie - that's really interesting about your library loot being thematic - is that done on purpose? I just dropped over to your blog - love your design.