January 24, 2009

Premio Dardos Award

I am really excited and honoured to be given this award by my beautiful friend Tamara at Thyme for Tea - thank you so much!

The Premio Dardos Award is in appreciation of the merits - culturally, literary and individually - of every blogger who expresses him/herself on his/her blog. The conditions are:

1. To be tickled pink
2. To copy & paste the award picture to your blog
3. To write down the regulations
4. To link to the blog who bestowed you the award
5. And finally, nominate 15 blogs for the award

I realise that some of the blogs I nominate will most likely have already been nominated for the award by one or more other bloggers but I don't think you can ever have too many awards so here it goes:

1. Thyme for Tea - not sure what the rules are about awarding to the person who awarded you but I think it is well deserved in this case!

2. A Work in Progress - such a well thought out blog with wonderful posts everyday.

3. A Striped Armchair - I know Eva will have been awarded this award previously for sure but her blog is just so amazing I don't think she could be given enough really!

4. Between Concrete and Sky - such a beautiful blog filled with reading, photography and even dancing!

5. Charlotte's Web - an honest, thought provoking blog.

6. In Spring it is The Dawn - I love this blog for it's beautiful content and presentation.

7. Life and Times of a "new" New Yorker - Fun, spirited and entertaining - I love this blog.

8. Little Breeze - This is a new blog find for me but already I'm checking in quite a bit, beautifully set out and expressed.

9. Reading Writing Living - As the title suggests this blog covers it all - wonderfully.

10. The Reading Life of an Antipodean Owl - A great Australian blog.

11. Under The Dresser - always honest and always fun to read.

12. Caribousmom - This blog is simply stunning, gorgeous to look at and the posts are always so informative and interesting.

13. Gondal-Girl - Another wonderful Australian based blogger.

14. Another Nutter - Yet another Aussie with fantastic wit, humour and honesty.

15. Austenprose - One of my favourite blogs encompassing everything Austen.


Eva said...

Thanks Karen!

Karen said...

Hi Eva - you are very welcome! Thanks for such an amazing blog.

Tamara said...

Karen, I have to say I'm tickled pink - again! Thanks for being so bold as to throw it back, and congratulations on reaching the 15 blogs to pass it on to. I love the links you have to others. PS How's the writing going? Looking forward to a blog about that :)

Karen said...

Thanks for the reminder T!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the nomination Karen, you totally made my day! :D

Karen said...

Hi antipodeanowl - you are more than welcome! Thanks for such a fantastic blog!

Amanda said...

Oh thank you! I love yours too! And there's so many blogs you posted that are new to me. Yay!

Karen said...

Hi Amanda - you are more than welcome. Thanks for your fantastic blog and for dropping by.

Danielle said...

Sorry I am so tardy for coming over and saying Thank You! I am slowly catching up and have had this marked for days in Google Reader. I am honored that you picked me. And isn't the little logo wonderful? Whoever made that--it's too cool!

Karen said...

Hi Danielle - you are most welcome! I absolutely love reading your blog and I know I should make more of an effort to make comments on your posts - will try and do so more in the future!

megan said...

wow, thanks for the nomination, Karen! I haven't been doing this very long and am stoked to know someone likes what I'm doing :-)

Karen said...

Hi Megan - you are more than welcome! Am loving reading your blog.

tanabata said...

I'm so behind in blog reading so I just saw this, sorry! Thank you for the award! :)
And I'm quite happy you said you like the content and presentation because lately I've been wondering if my layout and stuff is a bit boring. There are a few things I'd like to tinker with but I just haven't had the time.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, I just found this out - so kind of you - do dodgy of me...you are welcome to rant at me. Thanks again :)