September 23, 2008

Italy Continuing...

Continuing my literary love affair with all things Italy I have found a new book to become absorbed in.

I read about My Amalfi Coast By Amanda Tabberer in a travel magazine yesterday and looked it up straight away on the net but was disappointed to see that it wasn't being released for another week (yes, patience is not a virtue I hold!). But, I decided to check and see if my local library might be getting a copy in - I was in luck! They already had a copy in stock and it was available to borrow! So, I made a trip and collected it last night. Sometimes the book powers just shine down upon you!

It is a beautifully presented hardcover book with gorgeous photos by Carla Coulson so I might end up wanting my very own copy but it is nice to be able to browse through first just to make sure.

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