September 01, 2008

Spring is Here!

At last! I am so over our winter. The first two days of spring have been glorious - we are now meant to have a week or so of not so nice weather so I am hoping these two gorgeous days will keep me going past that.

So, even though I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with work and life in general at the moment the weather is (at least temporarily) on my side.

Another bonus today was the delivery of my latest order from Amazon - always exciting!

I purchased Nice to Come Home To by Rebecca Flowers which I first read about over at Stephanie's Written Word. This book sounds just the thing for holiday reading so I am going to try and resist temptation (I think the cover is so gorgeous and girly!) and not read this one until my weeks holiday in October (only 5 weeks to go!!).

My other purchase was a CD - the soundtrack to the movie Becoming Jane. I am under no illusion that this movie actually accurately represents the life of Jane Austen but I love the movie anyway and I always try to buy the soundtracks to movies I love - to try and re-capture the magic at home!


Anonymous said...

Hope you like the book! I too really enjoyed Becoming Jane (and most of those types of movies)!

Karen said...

Thanks Stephanie! I'm still being good and holding out on starting the book!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Nice to Come Home to looks good. I'll be waiting for your review!

Karen said...

Hi Holly - it definitely does look good. I'm still being strong though (so far!) and waiting for my holidays to read it!