September 26, 2008

Mozart's Ghost - Julia Cameron

Mozart's Ghost by Julia Cameron is the first book in quite a while that I will not be finishing - life's too short!

I picked this up last week when I was browsing at the library (thank god I did not pay money for this one!). I was familiar with the author from her book The Artist's Way - a writing guidance/instruction book which I have not picked up in quite a while now but I know I have my copy tucked away somewhere which must mean I found it at least slightly useful.

Mozart's Ghost is not even slightly useful. It tells the story of Anna - a woman in her mid 30's who has moved to New York to pursue her vocation of being a medium, connecting with people who have died and passing on their messages to their still living friends and family. Mozart comes into the story via the character of Edward - a pianist who moves into Anna's building and initially annoys her with his constant piano playing. Mozart basically comes along to tell Anna to give the guy a break.

I really can't tell you much more about this one because I have stopped reading at around page 90 - I just can't put myself through this anymore. There are too many well written books to be reading! The characters are boring and predicatable, ditto for the storyline, and the writing is painful and repetitive. Not a fun time for any reader!

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