September 13, 2008

Something Dangerous - Penny Vincenzi

Something Dangerous is the sequel to No Angel and the second book in the Spoils Of Time trilogy by Penny Vincenzi.

Something Dangerous continues the story of the wealthy London based Lytton family and their various associates in Europe and America through the 1930's and World War 2.

I was completely engaged in the story and the characters in the first book of the trilogy, No Angel, but my enthusiasm and interest dropped off a little in this book. I felt the story and character movement in Something Dangerous was boring and predictable. Any character that was proving diffcult to the author's story line was conveniently killed off or injured in the war!

Still an enjoyable, quick read but I am left wondering if I should finish off the series and read the third and final book?


Danielle said...

Although it has been a while since I read these, I remember enjoying all three books immensely. I think I just got wrapped up in the characters and especially the period. If I remember correctly, though, she does introduce new ones as the story moves forward. Maybe if you save the third one and read it later, it'll feel like a fresher story?

Karen said...

Hi Danielle - I think that's a good idea - I do really want to find out what happens to the family in the end!

Jennifer said...

I read them all 2 years ago and I was totally taken with the characters. I did think the 2nd was a little slower, however I agree with Danielle the story starts to move again with in introduction of the younger generation.

Karen said...

Hi Jennifer - thanks for your comment - it looks like I will definitely need to push on and read that 3rd book in the series!