September 24, 2008

Loving My Library!

How much am I in love with my local library right now? Quite a bit I must say!

I have another message today telling me that a book I had reserved was ready for me to pick up - this is a book I haven't even seen come out in the bookshops as yet. I am most impressed.

The book in question is the latest book by Australian writer Kate Grenville - The Lieutenant. I read a review about the book in the weekend papers and knew it would be one I would be keeping an eye out for.

The blub about the book from the publisher:

Daniel Rooke, soldier and astronomer, was always an outsider. As a young lieutenant of marines he arrives in New South Wales on the First Fleet in 1788, and sees his chance. He sets up his observatory away from the main camp, and begins the scientific work that he hopes will make him famous.Aboriginal people soon start to visit his isolated promontory, and a child named Tagaran begins to teach him her language. With meticulous care he records their conversations.An extraordinary friendship forms, and Rooke has almost forgotten he is a soldier when a man is fatally wounded in the infant colony. The lieutenant faces a decision that will define not only who he is but the course of his entire life.

I absolutely loved The Secret River so I am looking forward to starting this new book.


Marg said...

My library hasn't even added this to the catalogue yet, but I am sure they will eventually! I am keeping an eye out for it!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I love my library! Goodreads has this listed as being published in 2009! Wow. Your library is awesome.

Marg said...

Holly, it is being released elsewhere in the world in 2009, but in Australia it is due to be released on 1 October.

I just went back to check my library again and they now have it added, so I am first on the list! I love when you get to read a brand new book from the library!

Karen said...

Hi Marg and Holly - yes - libraries (and my library in particular) are awesome! I am saving so much money on books - still buying ones that I absolutely love and want to own but for other reads it has been fantastic.

Marg said...

I couldn't afford to read any where near as much as I do without using my library as a resource!

nutmeg said...

Hi Karen. This is my first time commenting here though I have been reading your blog for some months now. I have had a break from blogging myself but have recently returned.

I am struck by how similar our taste in books is. Scrolling through what you have read this year I have read a number of them myself either this year or in the past couple of years. My favourite bookshop in the city is also Abbeys and I am a weekly attendee of T2 Tea Shop! My current favourites there are the Ultimate Chai and the Melbourne Breakfast.

Anyway, I have just recently purchased The Other Hand and am really looking forward to reading it. Your review makes me even more so.

Also, I purchased The Secret River in hardback a long while ago and am yet to read it. Though, I should get to it so I can read this next one!

Karen said...

Hi Nutmeg - so wonderful to hear from you! I remember reading your blog a while ago and then realised you must have been taking a break. It's always nice to connect with others who have similar tastes in reading. I would definitely recommend The Secret River and also the book that Kate Grenville wrote about her process of writing this book - very interesting.

Iliana said...

This sounds really good. I've not read anything by Grenville yet although I have one or two of her books waiting for me.

I'm off to the library today to see what goodies I find.

Karen said...

Hi Iliana - yes, I started it yesterday and am really enjoying it. Very simple yet powerful writing I think.